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1930's 1938 Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd. founded in Yoyogi Uehara-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
  1939 New factory completed in Karasuyama-cho, Setagaya-ku.
    Designated factory for Railroad Ministry with manufacturing of carrier phones and anti-induction phones
1940's 1943 New headquarters/factory opened in Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
  1944 First radio alarm delivered to Tokyo No. 1 Army Armory
  1947 Third phone delivered to Communications Ministry.
1950's 1951 Fourth phone delivered to Radio Transmission Ministry.
  1953 Capital increases to 100 million yen.
  1954 Japan's first oscilloscope delivered to the Japan Coast Guard Institute of Technology.
  1957 Primary IPO offering in Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  1958 New telephone factory completed. Production increases to 20,000 telephones per month.
  1959 First key telephone delivered to NTT public corporation.
    Iwasaki Tsuushin Koji (present day Iwatsu System Solution Co., Ltd.) established.
1960's 1960 Measuring device factory opened in Kugayama.
    ELEFAX PC-201 Dry-type electronic reprographic machine released.
  1961 Closed circuit broadcast phone system released.
  1962 Capital increases to 1 billion yen.
  1963 600-type telephone delivered to NTT public corporation.
    Digital plotter XY-401D released.
  1964 Denshi Kako Co., Ltd. established.
1970's 1970 American office established.
    Fukushima Iwatsu Co., Ltd. established.
    Enters aerospace measuring device and control industry.
  1971 Crossbar switching system IPAC-100 released.
  1972 Wireless paging system released.
    Emergency messaging device Patophone released.
  1973 ELEFAX AP-1 Wet-type electronic reprographic machine released.
    Iwako Co., Ltd. (present day Iwatsu Logistics & Service Affairs Co., Ltd.) established.
  1974 Iwatsu System & Software Co., Ltd. established.
  1975 World's fastest digital memory DM-901 released.
    Tohtsu Industry Co., Ltd. established.
    Iwatsu America, Inc. established.
  1978 Wet-type all automatic desktop ELEFAX PM-40 released.
  1979 OMEGA-PHONE III telephone system released for export.
1980's 1980 World's fastest storage scope (3000 cm/μs) TS-8121 released.
  1981 Electronic key phone device aipikoE CT series released.
  1984 Capital increases 5.1 billion yen.
    Rewarded Science and Technology Minister's Award for high speed reserve duct for storage scopes.
  1985 Southeast Asia office (Singapore) established.
  1987 World's first 500 MHz portable oscilloscope SS-6521 released.
  1988 Digital key phone device aipiko DS series released.
  1989 Multi-communication device EVDS released.
    Capital increases to 6 billion yen.
1990's 1991 Iwatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established.
  1992 Cordless key telephone system M Series released.
    High-speed multi page printer Replio MG-8000 released.
  1993 ELEFAX Σ series high-speed reprograph machines released.
    Display and sales negotiation room Iwatsu Square 102 opened in Shinjuku.
  1994 Begins sales affiliation with LeCroy Japan Corporation.
  1995 PHS compatible multi-information system SAVAJU released.
  1996 PHS compatible cordless mujo released.
    CTI system PC-KT adapter released.
  1998 Platesetter ELEFAX LP-501CR released.
    CTI communication server RECENTAGE released.
  1999 Industry first waverunner series developed and released with LeCroy Corporation.
    World's first power element installed DC/DC converter IC HL002APF released.
    World quality standard ISO9001 certified.
    International environmental guideline ISO14001 certified.
    Agrees on strategic affiliation with Lucent Technologies in the U.S.A.
2000's 2000 Joint brand with Lucent Technologies in the U.S.A. INDeX released.
    Agrees to affiliation with Panasonic Communications Inc. on development and production of business phones.
  2001 Affiliation with Empirix Japan and Hammer division on sales and support
    Industry first 15-external line compatible cordless phone DC-KTL(G) released.
    Digital/Analog integrated electronic reprographic machine ELEFAX LP-1200DA/LP-1800DA released.
  2002 Ultra high efficiency storage scope TS-81000 released.
    VolP compatible business phone ActetoII released.
    Measurement division divided to newly establish Iwatsu Test Instruments Corporation.
    Participated in Japan's first large scale IP phone network construction.
  2003 Featured Japan's first SIP format VoIP function on ActetoII.
Merged with FT Communications Co., Ltd. to establish IFNet, Inc.
    SIP telephony server system NetSpeak released.
    Affiliation with FreeBit Co., Ltd. regarding world's first IPv6 based IP centrex service.
  2004 IP business phone TELEMORE-IP released.
    Digital oscilloscope waveSurfer series released.
    Plate setter ELEFAX LP-510e released.
    Comprehensive business affiliation with Sylantro Systems Corporation.
    Digital multi-meter with two-channel input VOAC7520 released.
    IP compatible key-telephone system TELMAGE released.
  2005 CAN bus analyzer digital oscilloscope CANSurfer released.
    Plate setter ELEFAX LP-610Xe released.
    Business phone featuring safety functions TELEMORE-EX released.
  2006 Business phone system PRECOT released.
    Inkjet platesetter ijesta JP-1R released.
  2007 Plate puncher UP-720 released.
  2008 Digital cordless portable station DC-PS8 released.
    Business phone system PRECOT-NEXT released.
    IP business phone Iwatsu ICON Series released.
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