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The Iwatsu ADIX is a fully digital voice and data communication system that represents the cutting edge of telecommunication system technology. Five models of digital key telephones, one DSS unit and an attendant console are available for use with ADIX systems. UX-618 model telephones and other types of Iwatsu key telephones can also be used.
We can offer two types of ADIX system, ADIX-E and IX-450. The ADIX-E is expandable up to 472 ports in maximum by adding Expansion Modules. The IX-450 is also expandable and has a lot of free slots.

For more information see ADIX and ADIX-E Infopage
The Iwatsu Wincle, UX-618 Key Telephone System is a fully digital system for smaller offices. It accomodates up to 6 outside lines (CO lines) and up to 18 internal extensions. The Wincle incorporates many of the latest advancements in telecommunications technology. Additionally, its design provides maximum flexibility in system features and programming, combined with extreme compactness. As a result, the Wincle offers the small business owner many advanced features, yet remains economical and easy to install, program, and maintain.

If your needs grow beyond the Wincle system capacity, Wincle Key telephones can be used in Iwatsufs ADIX-E and ADIX systems. This enables cost effective migration as your needs change.

For more information see Wincle Infopage@
The Iwatsu IW-60 Single Line Telephone is designed for PBX/KTS terminals and provides various useful functions with the best quality.

For more information see SLT IW-60 / Corolle Infopage
This headset (COROLLE) is specially designed for telephone switchboard operators and is also available to operators of TV & radio studios, etc. Its lightweight and compact design ensures comfortable wearing.

For more information see SLT IW-60 / Corolle Infopage
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